Portable bluetooth virtual laser keyboard wireless projector blxcknorway™

Portable Bluetooth Virtual Laser Keyboard Wireless Projector. Check The Details To Know More

Features - Adjustable brightness, sensitivity, and loudness output options put you in command. All non-iOS devices have built-in mouse capability. (On iOS, you can only connect over Bluetooth.)

Keyboard & Mouse Functions - With our calculated key design, you'll never press the wrong key again. Using the mouse function, press the "INCLINE" arrow key to switch from keyboard to mouse mode on the keyboard.

Power Bank Function - Built-in Premium rechargeable lithium-ion battery cell with 700 mAh capacity can charge your phones and other gadgets via the USB connection. You may charge the built-in battery as well as power the portable device directly by connecting the wire.

Supports Bluetooth HID without the need for a separate driver. It only requires a single connection to a smartphone or tablet. After the Bluetooth keyboard is turned off, the connection information is preserved. If you need to connect to another device, you must first disconnect from the prior one.

Turn On The Laser Bluetooth Keyboard Device - Disconnect from any existing Bluetooth connections by pressing and holding "DEL+B." After a beep, the device is set to the pairing state, and it can be discovered by other devices after turning off and on. The device's blue LED will flicker steadily, indicating that it is ready to pair, and the host will begin scanning for Bluetooth devices (iPhone or PC or IPAD)

Package Includes -
1x Laser Projection Keyboard
1x USB Cable
1x User's Manual