Bluetooth Portable Wireless Outdoor Waterproof Speaker with LED Light BLXCK NORWAY™

New Smart Technology Having Bluetooth Portable Wireless Outdoor Waterproof Speakers With LED Lights

Specifications - The Bluetooth version that is supported is 5.0. The transmission distance is 10 metres. 4–10 hours of gameplay (volume will affect the playing time). 5 W * 2 Speaker 10 W is the maximum value. 2.0 version of the soundtrack 2.4 GHz frequency range 400mV input sensitivity The wireless transmission range is ten metres. 80dB signal-to-noise ratio WAV, MP3, and WMA are examples of playback formats. The maximum amount of data that may be stored on a TF card is 32GB. Press the operating mode button. DC 5 V 2A input voltage CE is the certificate kind. 178.7 * 72.9 * 72.6mm are the dimensions.

Features - Amazing twin power speaker system design. The mid-low frequency is more strong, with higher sound quality performance, thanks to the built-in low-frequency amplifier design. Use a Bluetooth audio decoding chip that is sophisticated. Support music pairing on mobile phones, tablets, TVs, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices; The transmission distance of Bluetooth-compatible devices is more than 10 metres; Support for hands-free calling and a built-in high-sensitivity microphone ensures that mobile phone calls are unrivalled and pleasurable.

Music - Music may be played from a U disc or a TF card. MP3 decoding and full-rate MP3 playing are supported; FM automatically finds and saves stations. Built-in FM radio module that saves time and effort by automatically searching and storing radio stations; AUX audio input is supported, and a computer speaker is included.

Packaging Includes - 1*157 speaker; 1*charge cable; 1*AUX cable