Anti Spy Tempered Glass Privacy Screen Protector BLXCK NORWAY™

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Tempered Glass Which Comes With AntiSpy &  Privacy Protector

Full-Screen Surface Coverage - Full-screen coverage with rounded corners and no ash. bending of a 9-dimensional curved surface There are no gaps in the fit. Explosion-proof and peep-proof. Tempered glass with a diamond coating that successfully resists scratches from sharp objects. Edges that are ultra-fine Do not obstruct the screen, which allows for precise cutting without interfering with the line of sight. A smoother surface makes it more comfortable to play video games. Fingerprint Oil Coating Electroplating

Features - Tempered glass with a 9H hardness, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant properties. Controlling fingerprints and preventing oil contamination using plasma coating. Imported materials, soft to the touch, and simple to put on. Mobile phones are protected in all directions with full-screen coverage technology.

Upgraded Anti-Peep Function - Improved overall performance. The angle of privacy on the side is 25 degrees. Peeking is effectively blocked. Translucent in 4K HD. There are no issues with ghosting, dazzling, or grain. 9D Complete coverage. All-encompassing is more resistant to falling.

Nano-Level Shutter Optical Technology - This ensures the screen is transparent at 90 degrees on the front, but black at less than 25 degrees. Dimming, ghosting, vertigo, and other dimensional issues are effectively solved with light transmittance of up to 99 percent.

Package Includes - 1 piece of glass, 1 piece of glass protective bags, Shockproof Box, Wet Wipes, Dry Wipes, and Dust Sticker.

Anti Spy Tempered Glass Privacy Screen Protector BLXCK NORWAY™

Anti Spy Tempered Glass Privacy Screen Protector BLXCK NORWAY™