Professional ballet pointe satin shoes with ribbons BLXCK NORWAY™

Our Professional Ballet Pointe Satin Shoes With Ribbons have a comfortable, anti-skid, strong, and wear-resistant sole made of high-quality top layer cow leather, and the sole already has a defined arc. The toe box is quite sturdy, and the arch support is excellent. The ribbons, elastic, and drawstring are sewn out of the box and are quite thick and not prone to tearing; the length is 24 inches, which is plenty for use.
The Professional Ballet Pointe Satin Shoes With Ribbons are developed for dancers who have high-quality standards. The pointe shoes are constructed of high-grade satin, with a nice lustre, and are soft and comfortable. Most dancers want a large, solid box with a mid-range Vamp.

1 pair of pointe shoes, 1 pair of high-quality silicone toe pads, 1 pair of 24-inch ribbons (these are spares; 1 pair of ribbons is sewed to the shoes), 1 manual needle, 1 needle thread, 1 threading device (These are accessories for high-end ballet shoes). You may adjust the elastic band to fit your exact size.
The Professional Ballet Pointe Satin Shoes With Ribbons enables novices to effortlessly erect their feet, allowing them to understand the erect basics faster and gain a sense of satisfaction in dancing practice. Beginners should use medium-hard soles (1-3 years of ballet study experience), while experienced ballet dancers should wear hard soles (more than 3 years of the professional ballet learning experience).
For accurate sizing, please see the size chart graphic. Please refer to your shoes to determine the size. If your front foot is fat or wide, or if you need to wear a toe pad, please select a bigger size (+0.5 +1 SIZE). When you believe the shoes are too loose, tighten the rubber bands and allow the shoes to seal around your feet.
  • Medium-hard soles
  • Ribbons enable novices
  • Mid-range Vamp
  • High-quality standards
  • Drawstring is sewed