Swim goggles combination blacknorway™

This swim goggles are made of high quality material and has a great durability. It is anti-fog, leak proof, and shatter-proof. It also provides great protection from harmful UV rays.

It has a very sleek design comes with a cushioned silicon seals that provides comfort to the swimmers eye while they’re swimming.

This goggle has wide panoramic lenses and provides clear vision. The attached earplug will protect your ears from germs and other foreign material.

The swim cap is made of latex free silicon that provides perfect fit without snagging your hair. It is very light in weight and breathable to allow air ventilation.

This is a perfect swimming combo that includes 1 swimming goggles, 2 ear plugs,1  nose clips, 1 swim cap and one case. It is available in five different colours to choose from.