Seal PU Foam Strip Weather Seal Door Insulation Anti Collision Soundproof BLXCK NORWAY™

Having small gaps in the windows and doors of your house can be quite bothering due to multiple reasons. Some of them include unwanted insects and creatures that can enter inside through the gaps, or loss of heat from the inside and many more. To prevent this, we have come up with Seal PU Foam Strip Weather Seal Door Insulation Anti Collision Soundproof. It helps to seal the gap securely and conveniently without any hassle. It is a highly resilient and tear-resistant strip that also has heat insulation.

This foam strip has a length of 26 ft and width is about 0.3 inches. This is considered the best way to seal the gaps and is a perfect fit for the gap that is about 0.1 inch to 0.3 inches. This is a V shape seal that is super easy to install without any trouble. All you need to do is measure the gap and location, clean the surface, and remove the adhesive tape from the back while placing it to the surface and you are good to go. It can be done within the seconds without any need for tools.
This V shape weatherstrip is made up of polyurethane foam (PU) which is highly durable and elastic along with a tear-resistant polyethylene cover (PE). This will last for a longer period of time as compared to ordinary rubber tape. It cannot be easily deformed no matter what the temperature is, high, low or moderate. It will give a long-lasting performance under all the circumstances.
The back adhesive of this weatherstripping is extremely strong and comes with a great sealing effect. It is 100% windproof and dustproof and helps you to save your electricity bills as it maintains the temperature without any loss of air. It is a perfect fit for various kinds of doors such as wooden doors, sliding door, windows, etc. You can also cut them with a scissor while installing to fit the length of your gap.