Quick drying microfiber towel blxck norway™

Quick Drying Microfiber Towel. Check The Details To Know More

Instant Cooling, Reusable - Is perspiration on your cheeks during sports an annoyance in the hot summer? Remove the quick cooling cloth. Wet the towel and wring it dry to chill down in a flash, keeping you cool throughout the heat.

Breathable Packaging - Packing the travel towel in the box allows you to quickly separate the wet towel from the dry goods. The little storage box comes with carabiner clips, making it a fantastic present for all ages. Air holes keep the towel dry. The clip makes it simple to attach the cool towel to the sports bag or travel backpack's belt.

Long-Lasting Cool - The sweat towel's material is made using superior weaving techniques. The towel can be kept refrigerated for up to three hours (depending on conditions). The cooling towels are made without the use of any chemicals. It's ideal for hot flashes, outdoor activities, indoor activity, fever or headache treatment, heatstroke avoidance, and cooling while absorption.

Reduce Baggage Burden - A tiny towel weighs about 35g, which is about the same as half an egg. It's ideal for sports like golf, football, the gym, cycling, running, hiking, swimming, and travel. The athletes' luggage can be reduced because to the lightweight and thin material.