Are you tired of the same boring bicycle horn? If you are thinking about upgrading your horn, then SAFETYCYCLE™ INNOVATIVE ULTRA LOUD BICYCLE HORN is the best option to consider.
It provides you with the loudest sound and is known as the safest riding tool. The sound produced by this horn is up to 120db. It also has four different sound modes to make your riding experience more fun.
The design is of this horn is very stylish and compact. It is very convenient to install the horn and can fit all the bicycle handles. It has a rubber ring that can be adjusted for different handles.
It is quite small in size and, therefore, can be hidden under the handles. It has a high-quality polymer core and a built-in 280mAh lithium battery, and one can ring it approximately 2000 times once it is fully charged. It can be easily charged with an android USB charging.