Retro lamp air humidifier wireless aroma diffuser blxcknorway™

Retro Lamp Air Humidifier Wireless Aroma Diffuser. Check The Details To Know More


1200mAh Battery & USB Power Supply - The humidifier has a Type-C plug for charging your device, as well as a long-life rechargeable battery that can keep the LED light on for up to 100 hours when used wirelessly, making it easy to use in any situation for as long as you need it.

Antique Lamp & Vivid Atmosphere Light - The lamp's unique vintage style is an adorable feature of this humidifier, which will provide increasingly strong warm light as you turn the switch clockwise, making it easy to use at night. And the LED bottom light, which works as a guardian all day/night, provides a dynamic ambiance (if you do not switch the light off).

Easy to Use - With only one click, this portable humidifier can switch between two spray modes: continuous spray with the LED colorful light on, intermittent spray with the LED colorful light off, and long press to toggle the LED light on/off. DO IT ON A REGULAR BASIS (2-3months) Remove the cotton swab from the diffuser, squeeze it, and rinse off the essential oil within if you don't want a smell or a thin mist.
Two Spray Settings & Timed Shut-off - There are two spray modes on this tiny humidifier: continuous spray for 6 hours or intermittent spray for 8 hours. The machine will automatically shut off after 6/8 hours (depending on the mode you choose), so you can use it at night without worrying about safety. The 280ml size delivers a long-lasting mist that can be used to hydrate your skin at night.

Cool Mist Humidifier - Cool Mist Humidifiers keep you feeling fantastic during allergy season by balancing the humidity level in your room and pumping moisture into the air to counteract skin dryness, cough, and dry throat. It's the ideal décor for your home desk, bedroom, or office, and it helps to improve the indoor air quality.