Reusable lint remover blxck norway™

Reusable Lint Remover. Check The Details To Know More

New Version - The new release lint roller is composed of a more durable substance and has a better handle. The roll will not come undone from the grips.

Remove Without Causing Any Damage To Fabric - The reusable sticky picker can be used to clean your garments without the need for additional refills. You could keep it for a long time if you wanted to. There is no trash in the ecosystem at all. The fabric is not harmed by optimal adhesive. Only the hair or chips that you want to remove are removed using the sticky roller.

Portable & Convenient for Travel - The medium or little lint roller can be easily carried in your backpack, and the mini lint roller can even be easily carried in your pocket. You can complete your hair removal work anyplace.

Widely Used - This pet hair roller has the strength of glue and can remove cat hair, dog hair, crumbs, and more in a matter of minutes. It works well on a variety of materials and may even be used to clean furniture.

Easy To Clean - Rinse the lint remover with warm water and soap or detergent, then allow for the lint roller to dry completely before using it again, or simply dry it with a tissue. After each use, please clean quickly.

Package Contains - 1 x Lint roller