RGB 16 colors crystal table lamp with touch & remote control

Our RGB 16 colours crystal table lamp with touch & remote control has a sophisticated and opulent look for living rooms, dining rooms, and parties, the diamond-like rhombus-shaped crystal table lamp made by the innovative 3D cutting technique reflects bright and colourful lights, providing a romantic and pleasant ambience. With various dynamic scene styles to select from, you may create the romantic mood you want.
The RGB desk light includes a 2000mAh large-capacity battery that can be charged and discharged 10,000 times. The newly improved inbuilt USB charging interface design allows you to charge safely and worry-free (a USB charging cable is available), it can be used for 6-8 hours after charging for 3 hours, and it can accompany you all night on a single charge.
The diamond LED lamp has three RGB colours: red, green, and blue, as well as 16 dynamic colours (warm light + warm white light + white light + yellow light + blue light + red light, etc.), four dynamic modes (flash/strobe/Fade in/out/smooth), and a six-level brightness adjustment. You can choose your favourite colour and light mode to create a romantic atmosphere.
The little waist-shaped table lamp is composed of acrylic, which is safe and insulated, not easily broken, and has a light transmittance of over 95%. The RGB light is reflected on the floor by the diamond crystal, revealing an exquisite LED light source. The sleek look is paired with brilliant lights to provide you with a stunning visual feast of light and shadow. Each mode displays a new set of colours and light effects, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your painting world.
The home RGB lamp is composed of high-quality acrylic. Because of its unusual simple and cylindrical design, it may be put in numerous places in the living room. It's a great supplemental cool lamp for adorning the space and shooting photographs. The touch screen and remote control use an upgraded chip, the response speed is sensitive, it only takes 0.001s to change the colour tone, the connection is stable, and everything is in your hands.
  • 💎Rose crystal diamond decorative table lamp
  • 💎Remote and touch control table light
  • 💎Acrylic high-transmittance crystal table lamp
  • 💎The sophisticated and opulent look
  • 💎Perfect Christmas gifts
  • 💎Safety & resistance
  • 💎Fashion appearance
  • 💎Multiple scene mode
  • 💎16 RGB colours
  • 💎Rechargeable desk lamp
  • 💎Fully immerse yourself
  • 💎3d cutting technique