Smart electric jump rope machine

Multiple individuals may participate in the skipping activity simultaneously with our smart electric jump rope machine. The power rope is also equipped with a leap (lap) metre, allowing you to compete with friends and family or measure your progress over time by comparing your jumps. It is safer to operate the machine if you step on it since you can stop it in an emergency and it will stop operating.
No of your level of fitness, you can modify the intensity of this electronic training jump rope. It has 10-speed settings (up to 160 rpm) and comes with 2 rope cables. If you're a novice, we advise using one cable; if you want a greater challenge, we advise using two cables. Say goodbye to winding with this 10-gear shift key remote control with its scientific design that allows for smooth, rapid, and 360-degree gear change.

You'd be intrigued if you discovered a present that kept youngsters active and distracted for hours while getting them off the sofa and away from their screens. That's the power rope; it's a jump rope that both children and adults adore since it makes exercising enjoyable and never gets dull. The battery is a built-in rechargeable lithium cell with a better energy density and safer stability.
Digital counter that is Bluetooth-enabled 5.1 fun automatic jump rope skipping machine for home workout training with smart remote. For children and people of all ages, we hope that it makes exercise more enjoyable and approachable. Intelligent multi-player rope-skipping device that really unblocks hands. PU-wrapped nylon rope is incredibly strong and difficult to break.
Use it to have a blast at parties, the beach, park, playground, camping, or any place you want to get in a short, efficient exercise and improve your cardio, coordination, balance, and agility. The innovative smart jump rope is not huge or heavy, and it's cordless, so you can carry it everywhere. Jumping rope together helps parents and kids have more intimate interactions.
  • ✔️We’re a family that loves to stay active all year
  • ✔️Give the gift of endless entertainment to any kid
  • ✔️You’re in complete control of how intense it gets
  • ✔️It’ll be the life of the party everywhere you go
  • ✔️Now exercising will be a ton of fun for everyone
  • ✔️Unique gift idea for kids & adults
  • ✔️Endless entertainment for any family
  • ✔️Material: PU-wrapped nylon rope
  • ✔️Product function: fitness, shaping, sports
  • ✔️Rope length: 70cm/27.56inch
  • ✔️Package included:
  • 1 x rope-skipping machine
  • 1 x charging cable
  • 1 x remote control
  • 2 x rope