Strong magnets hook blxcknorway™

Strong Magnets Hook. Check The Details To Know More


Super Strong - There are five different sizes and shapes to choose from. This fishing magnet has a diameter of 20/25/32/36/42mm, and the base is made of a strong neodymium magnet. It has a pulling force of 9 /19 /32 /41 /61 kg under optimal conditions.

High-Quality - The powerful magnetic force is centered only on the bottom, and the other three sides are covered by steel cups that have little magnetic force. The magnetic force is ten times that of the same magnet's volume. Long service life and constant vigor. Manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Best Coating - The best coating is a three-layer covering of Ni+Cu+Ni. The best available coating, delivering a lustrous and rust-resistant finish. The steel cup protects the magnet and prevents it from chipping or splitting.

Unique Design - With countersunk holes and eye bolts, this multi-purpose unique design is ideal for fishing many types of iron-nickel materials underwater. Magnet fishing, lifting, hanging, and recycling are all good uses for it.

Have a good time looking for eye bolts, screws, hooks, fasteners, and other stuff in your warehouse garage or yard.

Permanent Magnetism - Neodymium is a rare earth element that can be used to make permanent magnets. This fishing magnet is made of permanent magnetism, which means it will remain powerful for decades.