Rainbow Cat Tunnel pet Bed

Our pet deserves all the pampering and love in the world. Thus we bring to you Rainbow Cat Tunnel pet Bed which super comfortable and luxurious for your beloved cats.
It has small drop ball toy, shaped as star and moon to be their play buddies. This is attached in the top of the tunnel that keeps swaying gently to attract cats to be more playful and active.
The design of this cute tunnel bed is so classy and beautiful. It has a rainbow like design and the cushion is fluffy and soft just like a floating cloud. The theme of the tunnel is so eye appealing and pretty. This bed can also change into a sofa for your lovely cats. The tunnel can act as a supporter which allows your cat to roll and move freely.
The cushion is double padded to provide comfort to your pet while giving a support to their spines. It is also super easy to clean as both tunnel and nest is attached with a zipper.
The nest contains high quality cotton fibre which is quite durable and it can also be folded to save space.