Smart WiFi LED bulbs blacknorway™

Do you want to create a beautiful ambience for your room or house? Do you want to upgrade your house with smart technology? If yes, then these Smart WiFi LED Bulbs are the best option for you. It uses LED technology and saves energy by 85% as compared to a regular bulb. It also helps you to save extra money on electricity bills and is completely safe to use.

You can select different colours from around 16 million colour options and can adjust their brightness using a mobile application. You can create your own scene and make a perfect environment for reading, sleeping, relaxing, doing creative activities, etc.

These smart LED light bulbs are compatible only with 2.4 GHz WI-Fi. You can group all the bulbs and can manage them using a single button. It also has a scheduling feature that allows you to schedule the turn on/offof the lights.

You can also use your voice to change the brightness, colour, turn on/off, etc. It can easily connect with Alexa and Google Assistant to make it more convenient. It is an ideal option for home lighting, hotels, restaurants, parties, Christmas, etc.