Teddy bear car air fresheners

Our teddy bear car air freshener is a soft automobile vent clip air freshener silicone plug that improves a vehicle's stability. These adorable automotive ornaments are not harmful to the air freshener outlet. These basic automotive air conditioner installations remain steady and do not tumble. A soft silicone plug that improves stability. Avoid damaging the air vent. Can be installed at various automobile vent angles.
The vehicle air freshener has moderate aromatherapy, and the car smells air freshener may purify the air and suit the general public's taste. These adorable automobile air fresheners are appropriate for people of all ages. People enjoy using car fresheners. A fashionable aviator bear in the vintage-style airplane is a reusable automobile air freshener.
In a car, vent clips and air freshener are angled both horizontally and vertically. Car vent air freshener outlets are suitable and simple to install, and these black car accessories do not fall. The bear freshener with a three-blade fan is 6 x 5 cm. The kit includes two automobile aroma fragrance pills as well as instructions.
With the shape of a black bear air freshener for automobile pilots and antique aeroplane features. The scent of the car air freshener will be nostalgic and romantic. Feel someone fascinating and new interpretation with a vehicle aromatherapy diffuser. It will serve as an amazing automobile accessory adornment as well as a nice air freshener in the vehicle.
The air vent fan's unusual blade shape is inspired by the retro-propeller-driven plane. Rotating the fan blades of an air freshener diffuser is endlessly entertaining. The black outlet blades move lightly and rhythmically. Car fresheners are appropriate for people of all ages. The bear automobile accessories are an excellent present for both men and women. It is appropriate for any occasion.
  • ✔️Innovative blades of a car vent fan
  • ✔️The widely compatible car ornament
  • ✔️Suitable for owners and smokers
  • ✔️Easy to install air fresheners care
  • ✔️Exquisite craftsmanship
  • ✔️Vintage-style airplane
  • ✔️Stylish aviator bear
  • ✔️Mild aromatherapy
  • ✔️Soft silicone plug
  • ✔️Size:45*36*34mm
  • ✔️Fit For Car Air Freshener
  • ✔️Weight:70g