Adjustable Dog Training Collar Electronic Pet Fencing System

Train Your Dog Easily With This Adjustable Training Collar System 

 No Electric Shock Collar - ONLY VIBRATION AND SOUND! Get rid of an annoying dog barking without endangering your pet! Our anti-barking technology does this by using vibration and sound signals in seven various intensities and volumes. Our anti-barking collar is programmed to give you real results. Your pet can be trained to quit misbehaving by using the collar's seven different severity levels.

Individually Adjustable - Your pet's safety is our top focus, thus we don't want the anti-bark collar to damage them. That is why we created an anti-bark collar that solely uses vibration and noise to train the dog and does not use shocks. You can tailor the vibration level to your dog's behavior by starting at the lowest level and gradually increasing it.

Practical Battery - The battery in our anti-bark collars for dogs can be charged quickly and easily with the USB cord that comes with the package. The anti-dog bark collar is fully charged in about an hour and has a battery life of roughly 14 days. The anti-barking dog collars' current battery level is displayed on the LED display at all times!

Weather-Resistant Receiver - Our anti-barking collar is IP65 waterproof. The vibrating dog collar fits dogs with neck circumferences ranging from 20 to 67 centimeters. The dog barking deterrent device measures 7.6 cm in length, 3.6 cm in width, and 3.4 cm in height. It's ideal for small, medium, and large dogs because of its light weight of approximately 115 g (including the collar).