USB Electric Heating Washable Warm Thermal Insoles Unisex BLXCK NORWAY™

Are you amongst the ones who can catch a cold easily and have very cold feet? If yes, then we have come up with an ultimate solution. With the help of this USB Electric Heating Washable Warm Thermal Insoles Unisex, you can keep your feet warm during the winter and the evenly distributed heat will optimize blood circulation. You can wear this with any kind of shoes such as casual shoes, boots, sports shoes etc.

These thermal soles are made of premium quality EVA polyester material, and it is super comfortable to wear. It is very light in weight and quite soft in texture. It comes with great elasticity and has very good cushioning. You can also adjust the size of the sole according to the easy-cut line by cutting it as per your requirement. It is the most efficient and effective heated sole that has high heat conversion efficiency and rapid heating. If you want to go out, you can easily connect it with a power bank.
These soles are quite flexible and can bend through 180 degrees. You can easily wash them and reuse them without any worries about them being dirty. The material used in this sole is 100% waterproof and you can clean it with a brush conveniently.  These USB heated soles are one of the most perfect solutions that will help you to keep your feet warm in the extreme cold. You can wear this when going on hiking, skiing, camping and other such activities. It is absolutely safe for everyone and uses low voltage power.
The USB power is connected two ways- one is connected to the heated soles while the other is connected to the USB, Computer, laptop or power socket. All you need to do is put on these soles plug in the power to have warmth on your feet. If you are going to travel or live in a country that has a low temperature, then this is the ideal choice for you. You can also give this sole as a gift to your families and friends and let them enjoy the warmth at a cool temperature.