Microwavable heating pad for neck pain relief blxck norway™

Microwavable Heating Pad for Neck Pain Relief. Check The Details To Know More

Multifunctional Heat Therapy - The heating pad wraps comfortably over several regions of the body, including the back, neck, elbow, wrist, ankle, leg, and arm, to provide targeted pain treatment.

No More Sockets - The heated pad can be charged by a power bank or a USB adapter with a 2A output (such as a phone charger or a laptop USB interface). A data cable organizer and a beautiful drawstring bag are included as a gift for easy storage. (no plug or power bank)

Overheat Protection - Our products have an overheat protection system built-in, so you won't be burned. When using a power bank, the power bank's power supply will shut off if the temperature hits 75 degrees or above. In this scenario, connecting the charging plug or waiting for the heating pad's temperature to drop before continuing to use it is recommended.

Machine Washable & Skin-Friendly - Soft soft fabric provides the best comfort, and the light weight won't put additional strain on your body; it's also machine washable.

Temperature Control - One-button action simplifies operation. The heating pad provides adjustable comfort with three temperature settings (about 104°F-140°F). Moist heat therapy is an option for penetrating pain alleviation and skin moisturization.