USB heating sleeping mat

When you're camping outside at night, extra heat from our USB heating sleeping mat can keep you comfortable. If you get too hot, just reduce the heating mode or turn it off. There is no need to prepare an expensive down sleeping bag, which might be excessively hot in the spring. This thermal sleeping bag lining is soft and warm against the skin. Material is ultralight and robust, and it will not rip easily. In the frigid winter, super warmth keeps you and your family warm.
5/7 lightweight heaters to boost heat, constructed of Japan's newest carbon fibre, with a longer lifespan than market-standard copper wires. The heat is uniformly distributed throughout the body, and it heats up in 10 seconds, providing instant comfort in the chilly winter! It comes with a complimentary laundry bag that you can quickly throw in the washing machine. Before cleaning, please remove the battery.
There are three heat levels to select from, ranging from 113°F to 149°F. The "top" and "bottom" switches individually regulate the upper and lower portions, which swiftly heat up to provide pleasant heat and keep your complete body warm for 4-7 hours. Most Adult sleeping bags fit 198x61cm/77.95*24.02inch. And because it weighs only 1.65lbs and comes with a little carry case, it is simple to pack and transport.
Overheating prevention may be immediately moved to second gear within 5 minutes for safety, power savings, and the elderly and children can use it with peace of mind! Camping basics are not only utilised outside as a warm sleeping bag liner or tent mat, but also at home as an electric blanket, bed warmer, and so on. Heated sleeping bag liner may also be utilised as a sofa seat cushion, heated blanket, heated automobile seat cushion, and other similar applications.
5/7PCS Heating Pads system is compatible with any 5V/2A USB power supply, such as a smartphone charger, power bank, car jump starter, car phone charger, and others. When placed in the sleeping bag, the 5/7 heating pads may heat the shoulder, back, hip, and foot areas. (The battery is not included.) With Christmas and Thanksgiving approaching, a heated sleeping bag liner would be a really thoughtful present! We hope your family and friends are delighted to get such a present!
  • ✔️Multiple application,
  • ✔️100% satisfaction guaranty
  • ✔️Durable polyester shell
  • ✔️Soft flannel lining
  • ✔️Compatible size and light weight
  • ✔️Warm and wide temperature range
  • ✔️5/7 electronic heating pads
  • ✔️Multipurpose thermal liner
  • ✔️Comfortable soft lint
  • ✔️weighs: 1.65lbs
  • ✔️Overheating protection
  • ✔️3 levels of heating adjustment
  • ✔️Increase the heat and 10s fast heat
  • ✔️The newest ultralight heated sleeping bag liner
  • ✔️Safe and fast heating with usb charging