Vintage hurricane oil lamp

Do you wish to experience antique lights in the present era? The antique kerosene lantern is nearly out. Our vintage hurricane oil lamp may be used for storage, decorating, emergency usage during power outages, and camping, in addition to being nostalgic. With its huge capacity, elegant appearance, superb sealing, and high brightness, this romance light are also ideal for making your interior design seem trendy and pleasant.
Before the popularity of electric lamps, the major lighting instrument was the kerosene lamp, which used kerosene as fuel. The lamp head is mostly composed of glass, and there is a knob on the side that allows you to move the wick in and out to control the brightness of the lamp. Antique farmhouse lights are composed of high-quality tinplate and glass, and each hurricane lamp is mechanically manufactured and hand-polished to last a long time.

The kerosene lamp is great for adding distinctive visual effects to any environment. Make your space a haven for history and culture. A creative design kerosene lamp, Applicable nightstand lamp, reading light, romantic supper, outdoor camping, fishing, and nostalgic jewelry, and beautiful décor items for both inside and outdoors. The bedroom, living room, restaurant, kitchen, study, bar, and coffee shop are all appropriate settings.
To change the wick of an oil lamp or use it for the first time, dip both ends of the wick in the oil to speed up the wick's adsorption and guarantee that it may be lighted promptly. The kerosene lamp has a flame controller, and the flame size may be modified by rotating the lamp. Please keep it out of children's reach. A wonderful gift for friends, family, and kids, who will be glad about an antique gadget.
The lamp body's handle design makes it easy to take and transport. The oil lamp may be used not only inside, but also outdoors, particularly while camping. Even in severe winds, it can efficiently illuminate. When a hurricane lamp is loaded with oil, it may burn for 36-48 hours straight. The quality of the oil influences the particular combustion time. This item comes with one oil light, however, the fuel is not included.
  • ✔️Vintage Kerosene Oil Lamp Lantern
  • ✔️A portable kerosene lamp does not use candles
  • ✔️Distinctive visual effects
  • ✔️With an extra strong hanging hook
  • ✔️High-quality tinplate and glass
  • ✔️Flame controller
  • ✔️Beautiful décor item
  • ✔️Style: Antique/Retro /Nostalgia
  • ✔️Main Material: Horse iron
  • ✔️Sub Material: Glass
  • ✔️Size: 3 sizes available
  • ✔️Package Included: 1* oil light with free hook