Walking sticks telescopic baton folding trekking cane blxck norway™

Walking Sticks Telescopic Baton Folding Trekking Cane. Check The Details To Know More

Walking Aid - For people in need of assistance, walking sticks are a practical solution. They fold up easily and lock securely to add stability while walking on any surface.

Foldable Trekking Poles Design - Four walking sticks instantly fold when not in use thanks to the design of the foldable trekking poles. Four pieces can be folded together to store a small walking stick when not in use. It is simple to fit into a storage bag or your backpack because of its lightweight and compact design.

Lightweight & Durable - This walking stick's anodized aluminum shaft offers maximum durability and safety while still being lightweight.

Adjustable 5 Height Levels - With the click of a button on the walking cane's top, it can be quickly adjusted to any of five practical heights, ranging from 33" to 37".

Good Quality Cane - A good cane will have a comfortable contour grip with a rubber tip, a non-slip rubber base with increased wear resistance, and a long lifespan.