Water timer digital programmable garden lawn hose faucet

Our water timer digital programmable garden lawn hose faucet provides a greater variety of run times and intervals. Watering time spans from 1s to 300min, and irrigation intervals extend from 1h to 15 days. This allows you to completely customize your irrigation schedule. This water timer may be used with drip irrigation systems, sprinkler controllers, pool filling systems, and mist systems. (Hose Tap: 3/4 Internal Thread; Water Outlet: 3/4 Internal Thread)
Everything is evident at a glance thanks to the 3′′ extra-large HD screens. What else? Much electricity may be conserved since the screen will go to sleep if the soaker hose timer is not used after 30 seconds. When the powerful chip detects a low power supply, it will turn off the hose timer before the battery dies. Our yard sprinkler has a greater variety of run periods and intervals.
Smart displays remaining power to keep you informed of the available power. Manual mode allows you to water immediately without disrupting your irrigation cycle. On rainy days, Rain Delay mode will halt your schedule for an interval to minimize overwatering and unnecessary waste and save a lot of water. The Child Lock mode protects the sprinkler timer from the actions of children and pets. In manual mode, the time is displayed accurately.
IP65 waterproof tested with 10kg water pressure, and new pneumatic sealed components to drastically reduce leaks. The top connection is constructed of reinforced nylon fiber, which is far more impact- and wear-resistant than ABS or plastic. The batteries inside are protected by a watertight battery case with an interior rubber ring around the cover. The temporary watering function has no effect on the programmed program.

The primary connector is constructed of reinforced nylon fiber, which is tougher and more durable than plastic and ABS materials. The newly enhanced aluminum alloy filter can effectively eliminate valve blockage-related leaks. Irrigation systems, gardens, yards, balconies, lawns, and greenhouses are all good candidates. Reminder: Lithium batteries are illegal. Your garden guardian will require two (1.5V alkaline battery) water timers.
  • ✔️Wide application
  • ✔️Waterproof and durable
  • ✔️Smart irrigation system
  • ✔️Simple and flexible scheduling
  • ✔️Intelligent power & multi-function
  • ✔️All-in-one large screen
  • ✔️Over 6 months of battery working time
  • ✔️Delay on rainy days
  • ✔️Watering cycle
  • ✔️Simple and flexible programming