Topwater fishing lure blxck norway™

Topwater Fishing Lure. Check The Details To Know More

Super Temptations Bass Lures - Topwater fishing lures with a 360° spinning double-blade propeller will splash a lot of water and generate a wonderful popping sound when moving across the water surface. What a fantastic scene! Just like naughty fish playing in the water, predators in the water are enticed by this scene.

Strong Double-Blade Construction - When vibrating or tapping the water, the double-blade propeller at the tail of the bass lures is held on by screws and will not simply come off. It has the ability to disrupt water waves at various speeds and attract fish from all directions. Because the double-blade is folding, you won't have to worry about it getting crushed when you're storing it. The tail closes when the fish eats the bait, preventing the bass from spitting it out.

Superior Lifelike Fishing Lures - Ultra-realistic fish pattern paint, sculpted gill plates, and 3D eyes are all included. Work with flawless swimming action to effortlessly catch the attention of underwater predators, just like a real fish.

The added weight in the belly of the bass lures can help to keep the bait balanced and extend the distance it can be thrown. Two sharp treble hooks penetrate decisively and have a high abrasion resistance.

Thrilling Fishing Experience - Using a topwater fishing lure is the most exciting technique to catch fish. The propeller's explosive splatter at the tail is thrilling enough, but seeing the fish rise from the water and strike the hook will give you a heart attack! You may use this bass fishing lure in a variety of ways, including rapid, slow, moderate, jerk, and pause. Come try it out!

Huge Topwater Blowup - Fishing Baits contain an extra weight on the belly that allows you to effortlessly adjust the barycenter and throw further distances. When you retrieve the bait quickly and steadily, the revolving tail will swirl and splash water. It's quite difficult for bass to resist!

Winning Qualities of Handmade Products - A great visual experience is provided by the perfect size and fantastic colors. These fishing lures have 3D holographic eyes, a full hand-coated body, and realistic fish scales, making them appear delicate and colorful, just like a real fish. A great swimbait for deceiving the target fish.