Winter Men's Balaclava Full Face Cover BLXCK NORWAY™

Winter Men's Balaclava Full Face Cover. Check The Details To Know More

Fashion and Multi-Function - This face mask is adaptable since it may be worn as neck braces, face masks, headbands, and sports bands, among other things. It will be more stylish to wear a pirate cap, hat, beanie, or balaclava.

Breathable and Comfortable - In hot weather, this bike face mask is composed of high-quality breathable fabric (100 percent Polyester) that keeps your face and neck cool and comfortable. It is incredibly soft, close to the skin, wrinkle-free, fade-free, and foldable in the pocket. It's easy to breathe and carry.

Size - The length and width of the natural length and width are 18 and 10.5 inches, respectively. The circumference is around 20-24 inches and is quite stretchable. They're tough and flexible, and they're perfect for heads of all shapes and sizes. This neck brace will also provide coverage for your neck and face, and the high-quality fabrics will allow you to breathe freely. Enjoy outdoor activities to make your life easier.

Multiple Uses - These Balaclavas face masks may give you the best sun and wind protection. Skiing, running, horseback riding, fishing, snowboarding, motorcycle riding, hiking, and rock climbing are all popular activities. It can be worn alone or under any type of helmet on motorcycles, bicycles, and in most circumstances.