Casual Velvet Ladies Trousers Female Pantaloon Denim Jeans BLXCK NORWAY™

Casual Velvet Ladies Trousers Female Pantaloon Denim jeans. Check To Know More

Fleece Material - Winter Women's Thermal Leggings are made with a soft fleece layer on the inside to keep you warm in chilly weather.

Sweat-Wicking Fabric - This pair of women's thermal skiing base layer leggings is constructed of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. The women's baselayer leggings are solely wicking and help to prevent wrinkles and abrasions.

Odor Prevention - This thick pair of women's sports leggings is made of polyester and provides good breathability. It swiftly wicks moisture away from the skin and does not trap odors.

Compression Fit - During any sport, a compression fit gives long-lasting support and mobility. The new technological fabric provides a more pleasant sports experience while also successfully reducing the effects of high-intensity exercise.

Wearing Conditions - Women's winter leggings that are lightweight and stretchy and can be worn all year. Ideal for everyday exercise, bodybuilding, cycling, running, jogging, basketball, football, hiking, skiing, golf, workouts, and training.