Crazy Story

in 2019, the passionate team at iciCosmetic Ltd embarked on a journey in the UK cosmetics market with a singular vision—to introduce unparalleled products not only absent in the UK but exclusive to China.

Recognizing a prevalent challenge faced by UK consumers in navigating international purchases, we set out to address the difficulty of ordering from stores beyond the UK borders. Picture this: discovering a product you adore online, only to encounter formidable obstacles in bringing it home.

Empowered by the capability to seamlessly ship from Shenzhen directly to our valued customers in the UK, we conceived and curated an online store. Our platform showcases a diverse range of meticulously crafted products originating from Shenzhen, China, ensuring a unique and direct delivery experience from our trusted warehouse partner in Shenzhen to your doorstep.

Blacknorway.com is owned by icicosmetic Ltd

registered in england and wales NO: 12145692, registered address: 7 coronation road, dephna house, launchese, NW10 7PQ, United Kingdom.