BLXCKNORWAY.COM works with manufacturers and artisans across the world to source the coolest products at the prices that suit you. 

This results in all our orders being shipped to you from across the world - from Thailand and China to United Kingdom. However, we do ensure we can track our orders for your extra piece of mind.

Our delivery time take  5-14 days  To Europe

2-4 weeks the rest of the world

So no worrying if the product doesn't arrive the next day! Most of the time our product will arrive a lot quicker, but we want you to be aware this is out of our control!


spacial case at this moment
but due to virus Corona in China, most of the airports in china stops working and packages stay in the airport for a long time for the next flight 

we stopped selling our product at this moment because of this issue and delays for coronavirus, please if you need help contact us at this email:
and we will do the best for you 
or contact our agent on WhatsApp: and he will take care of your order and gives you any updates: +212636235408