Protective Ear Plugs Anti-noise Earphones for Travel Sleep and Snoring BLXCK NORWAY™

Multi-Usable Ear Plugs Which Can Be Used as Earphone, Travel Sleep, & Even to Stop Snoring As Well

Excellent Noise Reduction Capability - NRR 33 dB maximum noise reduction helps protect your hearing from the effects of loud noise. Sleeping, snoring, swimming, learning, shooting, aircraft trips, building sites, concerts, motorcycles, and other activities are all possible.

Safe Silicone Material - Made from imported silica gel, it is easy to clean, can be reused, and its earplugs are very soft and do not cause pain or discomfort, ensuring that you do not experience any discomfort or aggravation throughout the night.

Comfortable & Easy To Use - Jellyfish bionic design allows soft earplugs to fit perfectly into your ears, making them easy to put in and out. The Shark Fin Fall Resistant Design, which is properly disguised in the auricle, ensures that it does not fall off over the night.

Design - Two types of silica gel of various hardness are cast together in an injection moulding method to assure not only the softness of the fitting ear but also the robustness of the main body. More striking color combinations will take you beyond the usual.