Pair protective knee pads blxck norway™

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Pair Protective Knee Pads. Check The Details To Know More

High-Quality Material - High-quality cotton, high-density sponge, and spandex, with exceptional elasticity, excellent lightweight and durability, and excellent breathability to absorb perspiration and keep your knee dry and comfortable all day. Keep going with sophisticated 3D knitting technology, seamless comfort, and no unpleasant stitching lines.

Ergonomic Design - Has an ergonomic design that is ideal for adolescents who engage in a lot of knee-related activities. Because it is very lightweight, enables freedom of movement, and has a strong nice look, it is ideal as a knee protector for outdoor activities.

Wide Range of Activities - Walking, hiking, jogging, running, basketball, netball, squash, badminton, volleyball, football, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, swimming, cross-fit, skipping, athletics, gym, yoga, dancing, and many other activities and sports are all possible.

Double Layer - Anti-slip silicone is double-lined for improved comfort and extra reinforcement to ensure the sleeve does not slip, even during vigorous activity. Anti-impact for best kneecap protection, thickening sponge pads in the center, minimizing knee scrapes injuries while participating in sports.

Joint discomfort, sprains, and patellar tendinitis are all examples of injuries. The tight compression sleeve will help you recover faster by reducing inflammation and swelling. You'll be back in the game with a new lease on life in no time.

Pair protective knee pads blxck norway™

Pair protective knee pads blxck norway™