Nano double sided mounting tape sticker

Nano Double-Sided Mounting Tape Sticker. Check The Details To Know More

Practical sticker Upgrade - Our Square acrylic super glue sticker is a great addition to any sticker collection. It has good adherence and may be used for a variety of pasting applications without altering the article's appearance. This double-sided adhesive point is great for

Wide Application - dashboard mounting tapes can be used to secure your rug, mat, vase, cushion, cabinet lights, and other small items in your home, office, party supplies, car, table, desk, school, and other settings; they can also be used to secure your mobile phones on any smooth and clean surface.

Advanced Waterproof - Made of high-quality plastic, this clear poster tape sticker is extremely waterproof. Metal, laminate, glass, ceramic tiles, paneling, wood, and most other surfaces can be firmly fastened using tape.

Easy to Apply & Remove & Reusable - These double-sided sticky dots are simple to peel and paste, and you can effortlessly take off the strong clear glue dots from the smooth and hard surface without the use of extra tools.