Magnetic Wireless 15W Fast charging powerbank BLXCK NORWAY™

Do you always run late to charge your phone at the last moment? Or do you always forget to charge before travelling to a place? If yes, then we have got you covered in this situation. With this Magnetic Wireless 15W Fast charging power bank, you can now charge instantly anywhere and anytime.
This power bank has a very compact thin design and is quite portable. It quickly charges your phone without any hassle and is very small in size. This wireless power bank is very thin and can be kept in your purse, car, bag etc. It is also available in various different colours.
This is a perfect charger for your smart devices that supports wireless charging. It also has an LED power indicator that represents the battery percentage. If it has one light, then the power is less than 25%. Similarly, two lights indicate that power is within 50%, three lights show that power is within 75% and lastly, if all four lights are on, then your power bank is completely charged. Also, if the last light flashes, it indicates that it should be charged soon as the battery is less than 5%.
This is one of the most convenient power banks that is made up of polymer batteries of superior quality and is completely safe. It has a super-strong rare earth neodymium magnet that will hold your phone in one place and will eliminate the risk of your phone falling off. It also has a smart chip that easily identifies smart devices while forestalling overcharging.