Wireless power bank charger for apple iphone blacknorway

Are you looking for a wireless power bank that can charge your iPhone quickly? If yes, then this power bank charger For Apple iPhone is an excellent option for you. It is available in 5000 mAh or 10,000 mAh capacities.
It is compatible with the iPhone series that supports wireless charging features and other android mobiles. It is three in one power bank that has a large capacity, magnetic absorption and wireless charging. Now you do not need to worry about finding a power socket and charging your mobile at the last minute.
It charges your mobile quickly with its PD plus QC 20 W. You can charge your mobile and this power bank simultaneously without any worries. Its magnetic power is 30 times stronger and it turns off automaticallyafter fully charged to protect your battery.

It has an ice magnet that does not make your mobile heated up. The design of this wireless power bank is quite ergonomic and compact. It looks stylish and is very light in weight. You can carry it anywhere while going on a travelling trip, meetings, etc.