10pcs disposable compressed towels blxck norway™

Our 10pcs disposable compressed towels are more comfortable than conventional face and hand towels. They take up little room when compared to regular towels and may be carried along on your excursions, hiking, or working life. They do not degrade with water and do not contain scraps, unlike papers. It offers unparalleled softness, comfort, and convenience; they are thicker and bigger than competitors.

Towels for travel, camping, and hiking The pack towel is individually packed, making it cleaner and more sanitary. You will find them quite beneficial if you carefully slip several pieces inside your backpack, car, drawers, pocket, or baggage. Portable tubes with a range of sizes are available and they are exclusively created for demanding clientele.
In 3 seconds, a tablespoon of water will transform the compacted towel into a sturdy and reusable towel. As a result, the compressed towel is often known as a magic towel. After using the compressed towels for hand or face wiping multiple times, you may reuse them as rags for basic home cleaning (suitcase, shoes, desktop)
Reusable paper towels: Disposable towels have become a need for many travellers, campers, hikers, backpackers, businessmen, and housewives as travel towels, camping towels, and hiking towels. It cannot afford to be scum, has high water absorption, and can deteriorate naturally. It may be used for face washing, beauty remover, and so forth.
Compact and portable saves space, has reliable testing, no fluorescent substances, and is gentle on the skin. Plant fibre, gentle and sanitary, cross-texture technology, high water absorption, and thorough skin cleaning For you or your friends and family who are going on hiking, camping, travel, or business vacation.
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  • Cotton disposable towels
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  • Mini and light-weight
  • Compressed towels
  • Premier cotton
  • Non-woven fabrics
  • Package 10 Pcs