Stylist Portable Foldable Laptop Holder

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Keep Your Head And Neck In A More Comfortable Position While Working!!

When you place your laptop on a surface, you'll find you're having to look down to see the screen. The weight of your head hanging forward places a huge amount of strain on the spine which, over time, can cause aches pains and even long-term injuries. This is so common it even has a name: tech neck. STYLIST PORTABLE FOLDABLE LAPTOP HOLDER is an adjustable laptop stand, used with a separate mouse and keyboard, is the best way to avoid tech neck by creating a portable ergonomic workstation wherever you go.

Compatibility - This laptop stand can support large (20 kg) / small (15 kg) weight, fit for almost all laptops from large (14-17.3 inch notebook) / small (11-13.8 inch notebook),  such as Apple MacBook Air Pro, ThinkPad, Surface, Chromebook, Dell XPS, HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Acer and more.

Levels Height Adjustable - The laptop holder offers many levels for height adjustment, elevating your laptop from 2.68inch to 4.72inch above the tabletop. Helps to protect your eyes and improve the body posture over long hours of working on the notebook.

User-friendly Design -Triangular Support Design: The triangular structure with high-strength aluminum alloy material has strong supportability. *Built-in magnet: Stronger adsorption capacity for easy storage. *Non-slip Design: Added non-slip silicone pads to get more safety for your laptop.

Heat Dissipation - Adjust the height of the notebook stand to create space for heat dissipation and prevent the notebook from overheating caused by long-term use.

Compact & Portable - Notebook stand weights only 0.5lbs and can be easily folded to the size of 9.45*1.73inches. And with the storage bag as free gift in the package, it's convenient to carry for business trip or where you go.

Stylist Portable Foldable Laptop Holder

Stylist Portable Foldable Laptop Holder