Now You Can Train My Torso, Arms, Legs, and Core From Anywhere!!


Many of us are sitting all day at the desk or are performing the same tasks over and over again. That’s definitely not good for your body and getting a proper balance through physical exercise and activity improves your quality of life significantly.

The 11PCS YOGA PILATES RESISTANCE BAND SET FOR EXERCISE is a complete gym – in a small bag. You can nearly perform any exercise with it and train all body parts. As much or as little as you want.

Everything You Need For A Workout - You get 5 different bands with an easy to recognise color scheme, two super comfortable handles, two ankle straps and a door anchor.

High Quality And Durable Latex - Forget all the cheaply made exercise cords. Our resistance bands are made to last for a safe and enjoyable experience. Day after day.

Strong Carabiners & Soft Handles - We never sacrifice quality when it comes to fitness gear. We only use high-quality carabiners for secure locking and soft materials for maximum comfort.

Multipurpose Stackable Resistance Cords - You get 5 different resistance bands, from 10 – 40 lbs. Just use them alone or in any combination to get the maximum out of your workout, exercise, pilates, yoga, powerlifting, CrossFit or physical therapy workout.

The Ultimate Resistance Bands Set - This set is a complete gym – in a carry bag. Stackable resistance bands give you a strength of up to 100 lbs. You can train all body parts, in all kinds of different positions. Anytime and anywhere.