Portable Electric Fish Scaler BLXCK NORWAY™

Use This Portable Electric Fish Scaler & Make Your Work Easy & Fun

Super Fast Fish Scale Scraper - Designed for cleaning and removing fish scales rapidly at a fish market or at home. ABS substance and 304 stainless steel roller blade for food safety. With its compact automated cordless handheld design and strong powerful motor torque, the Electric Fish Scaler is ideal for fish scaling removal.

Specifications - 120W power; EU plug plug; Universal type; Style charging/plug; 16.8V battery; Usage time 3-4H, Voltage 110V-220V; 2200MAH batterical capacity, weight approximately 916g, feature six side of blade; Stainless steel material + ABS shell, size approx. 27.6* 5.5*5cm / 10.86 * 2.16*1.96" Specifications

Features - Saves time and effort, and is simple to clean. Waterproof and insulating material. Suits for use at vegetable markets, restaurants, and at home. No corrosion, no harm to the texture of the fish thanks to the thick steel blade. Waterproof bearings with high accuracy and high-quality motors For better capacity and quality, a lithium battery is included. When completely charged, a 220MAH lithium battery can scrape 200 kg of fish for around 3-4 hours. Fish that can be used include freshwater fish, sea fish, carp, and grass carp.

Package Included - 1 x Electric Fish Scaler; 1 x Charging Cable