13x50 Monocular Powerful Professional Long Range Telescope

13x50 Monocular Powerful Professional Long Range Telescope. Check The Details To Know More

13X50 Magnification - See things 13X closer and get a clearer and brighter range of view with the 50mm lens - The most powerful hand-held monocular on the market today, with the most comfortable and clear view.

Not only can you see items 13 times closer with this monocular, but you can also determine the distance between you and the target and the size of your target thanks to the 50mm objective lens.

External Armor - Provides a firm, non-slip grip as well as long-lasting external protection.

Waterproof & Fog proof - Prevents moisture, dust, and debris from entering the monocular, which helps to prevent internal fogging. For any type of weather or situation.

The larger the magnification, the more shake you get. 1/4 Inch universal tripod interface This is readily remedied by bracing against the tripod and only utilizing a universal tripod with a regular 1/4 tripod interface (no included).

Single-Hand Focus - Ergonomic design allows you to focus on your target with one hand swiftly and precisely.

Any monocular on the market now has the brightest and clearest image. Allows you to have the finest possible view for bird watching, wildlife watching, or scenery viewing.

The monocular telescope is only 425g in weight, is compact and easy to use with one hand, and is portable.

Package Includes -
✅ 1 X 13x50 Waterproofs Monocular
✅ 1 X Lens Cover
✅ 1 X Lens Cleaning Cloth
✅ 1 X Hand Strap
✅ 1X User Manual