Training power bag with water weight

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Training Power Bag with Water Weight. Check The Details To Know More

Adjustable Weight - The water bag for weightlifting training comes filled to your specifications. The weight of the aqua bag may be adjusted to meet your needs, making it more comfortable for you. When the bag is empty, it weighs only 2.88 pounds. When the bag is completely full, it weighs 55 pounds.

Easy To Fill In - Open the water injection port cover, press the valve spring switch to inject water, close the valve, and inflate using the matching gas nozzle, then close the water injection port lid. The water bag would then be ready to be used. The one-of-a-kind design is suitable for both residential and business use.

Instability Provides The Ultimate Full-Body Workout - When you pick up the Aqua Bag, you can immediately feel its harshness. In response to even the tiniest tilt, the entire weight of the water sloshes from one side to the other. Even the smallest muscles are stimulated to elevate it above your head, working in tandem with the larger muscles to maintain balance and power. As a result, even 20 pounds of water can bring trained athletes to their knees.

For Use In The Gym, At Home, Outside, and During Vacations - When folded, the Aqua Bag weighs only 3 pounds and measures 2 by 5 inches when empty. It's portable and can be ready in minutes thanks to the innovative pin valve. To open it up for water, push the pin once. Hold it under the faucet until the necessary weight is reached. To open it up for air, push the pin again. Connect the pump, give it a couple of pumps to firm up the Tank, and you're good to go!

The handle is Ergonomic and Safe - An ergonomic handle with silica gel grips makes exercising more comfortable. Ideal for an indoor workout or on-the-go vacation. Because the floor tile is soft, there is no need to be concerned about it cracking. Squats, presses, pulls, get-ups, and other home training, fitness, and yoga workouts are all possible.

Training power bag with water weight

Training power bag with water weight