16 colour crystal LED rose diamond table lamps

 Our 16-colour crystal LED rose diamond table lamps have a diamond cut surface method that produces incredibly smooth edge lines that won't irritate your hands. The atmosphere is immediately made romantic by the light's delicate, rose-like glow. The magnificent crystal table lamp shade's surface is diamond-cut to highlight its stunning personality.
To turn on or off the lamp and change the colour, touch its top. It has four different lighting modes, 16 different colour options, and three different brightness settings (25/75% and 100%). You can create the atmosphere you want by choosing from a variety of dynamic scene options. You can fully immerse yourself in your painting world with the help of each mode, which presents a different palette of colours and lighting effects.
It transforms into a brilliant crystal decoration when the lights are turned off, and you can use it to adorn not only your bedroom but also your living room, closet, dining table, hallway, and so forth. The light transforms into a lovely night light that may change colours when it is turned on. You and your significant other might even enjoy a candlelit dinner.
It can be placed in many different locations throughout the living room due to its unusually simple and cylindrical design. It is an excellent additional cool light for photography and decorating the space. Decorate your home to set a cosy, romantic atmosphere. The 3D effect uses special 3D technology and is like a diamond. Brilliant and colourful, the refraction crystal lamp is incredibly useful.
The new diamond concept offers a simple and cutting-edge luxury experience. It still uses its distinctive 3D technology while glowing like a diamond. The dazzling, colourful refraction crystal lamp is beautiful. The magnificent crystal table lamp shade has a diamond-cut surface to display its stunning disposition, adorn your home, and foster a cosy and romantic atmosphere.
The nightlight transforms into a lovely room accent when it is turned off. It can be placed anywhere in the house without looking out of place during the day thanks to its beautiful and natural appearance of a crystal diamond. At night, it makes for a beautiful, romantic, and colourful nightlight. to infuse your body and mind with light. It makes the perfect gift for your loved ones, friends, and classmates for Christmas, a birthday, or a party.
  • ✔️Perfect Christmas gifts
  • ✔️Safety & resistance
  • ✔️Fashion appearance
  • ✔️Multiple scene mode
  • ✔️Portable size
  • ✔️Elegant rose light
  • ✔️Touch and remote control
  • ✔️High-quality material
  • ✔️Romantic atmosphere
  • ✔️Special 3d technology
  • ✔️Decorate your home
  • ✔️Stunning Personality
  • ✔️Rose-like glow
  • ✔️Incredibly smooth edge