Winter Walk Ice Fishing Snow Antiskid Shoes BLXCK NORWAY™

Winter Walk Ice Fishing Snow Antiskid Shoes. Check The Details To Know More

Stainless Steel Teeth of the Highest Quality - The heavy-duty crampons include 19 stainless steel teeth on each foot, which are the best in class. The heat-treated stainless steel traction cleats ice snow grips spikes have exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. Spikes are strategically placed to promote an even distribution of weight for long-term comfort and durability. It's simple to solve no matter what the situation is.

Flexible, High-Performance Materials - The elastomer band is made of elastic thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which is 5.49mm thicker than conventional rubber and can withstand temperatures as low as -45°C. The crampon's tension bands cannot be broken by sharp instruments, and it has great flexibility, anti-abrasion, and tear resistance. With tight and adjustable straps, it's simple to put on and take off.

Multi-Usage - Crampons for Shoes are fantastic for ice fishing, hiking, snow mountain climbing, snow shoveling, winter hunting, and fun. It may be used on any terrain, including ice roads, mud sand, slippery driveways, wet grass, and perilous trail parts.

It can be used by males and females of any age, including teenagers, adults, and elders. You can successfully challenge outdoor activities in the winter with our non-slip shoe cover ice grippers.

Ease Of Use - Suitable for different shoe sizes and fit most footwear even big feet can be easily put on.Perfect for various kinds of sports or hiking shoes and boots, mountaineering boots. The Strap included ensures more comfort and safety. Lightweight can be put in a small storage bag.