Multifunctional 3-In-1 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Your Vacuum Cleaner Not Cleaning All the Corner?? Use This Smart Romo Cleaner

Comprehensive Cleaning - A powerful vacuum cleaner robot can easily enter every corner of the kitchen, bedroom, and living room, including under the bed, sofa, and chair, to effectively remove hair, debris, and dirt, and can be used on hard floors, ceramic tiles, and low hair Velvet carpet to give you a clean home.

Anti-drop - The robot vacuum cleaner uses infrared capture technology to detect stairs and barriers and then re-plan the route to complete the operation, rotating 360 degrees to avoid robot collision and danger.

Low Noise - The vacuum robot operates at a low noise level of fewer than 55 decibels, does not disturb sleep, vacuums, and scans for 100 minutes, and returns to the charging base for charging when the battery runs out.

Cleaning Modes & Intelligent Navigation - Intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, including automatic/timing/point/edge/unilateral/maximum cleaning and other 6 cleaning modes. It will clean at a predetermined time in the timing cleaning mode.