Aquatic gloves for helping upper body resistance blxcknorway™

Aquatic Gloves for Helping Upper Body Resistance. Check The Details To Know More


Great Water Resistance - Webbed gloves for water resistance training are excellent resistance gloves for an upper body workout in the pool, and they assist in tone and building muscles.

Easy to Put On and Take Off - With an adjustable wrist strap to keep it from falling off in the water, these swimming gloves are simple to put on and take off.

Sizes - Small aquatic gloves are for ladies with small hands; medium aquatic gloves are for women with average-sized hands, and giant aquatic gloves are for men.

Comfortable & Well-Made - The neoprene gloves are well-made and comfortable, with good stitching and no fading. With these webbed hands, you may simply enjoy your water exercise class, swim laps, surf, bodyboard, and dive better.

Application - Swimming gloves are appropriate for water fitness classes, surfing, and bodyboarding; with our gloves, you may enjoy your diving while preventing your hands from becoming injured while diving, and they can also keep your hands warm.