Fishing Line Depth Finder Counter Fishing Tool

Fishing Line Depth Finder Counter Fishing Tool. Check The Details To Know More

Fish At The Right Depth - This line counter can measure depths up to 999 meters. This implies that schools of fish that are very deep in the water may still be tracked and the bait can be delivered optimally at that depth in the following fishing session.

Robust & Durable - On the one hand, this practical meter counter for boat fishing is saltwater resistant, and on the other, it is housed in a sturdy housing. The casing is also impact resistant, allowing it to withstand severe seas.

Accurate Reading - With minimal line slippage, a fishing line counter for spooling can be precise to 999m. As it runs through the counter, each foot of the fishing line is measured. The reading in meters is displayed in the 3-digit depth pane.

Fastening System - The Fishing line knife can be quickly and easily fastened to the rod and withdrawn again thanks to the quick release on the rear. At any time, it can be linked to a different rod.

Best Fishing Props - It can be used to catch squid, fish from a boat, and more. The counter can accurately grasp the fish layer once the fishing is fixed. It is fairly simple to use fishing equipment, whether it is the fishing line on the line or the length of the line when fishing.