Creative fun projection flashlight Education Toy for Kids BLXCK NORWAY™

Gifting your children a toy can be very mesmerizing for them. After all, which kid doesn’t love playing with toys? However, have you ever wondered to give them something that they can enjoy while learning or developing their abilities? Well, it is now possible with this Creative fun projection flashlight Education Toy for Kids.
This amazing flashlight contains 48 unique pictures along with two different sets of themes of vivid colour. It is quite easy to use without any complications. All you need to do is insert the provided disc of your choice. Rotate or adjust the disc to see the projected image. The best way to see a clear image is by using a dark room and keeping the distance of projection at 50-150 cm.
This toy is completely safe for the children as it is made up of superior quality ABS plastic that is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Its edges are very smooth so that your child doesn’t get hurt while playing with it. This is energy efficient toy that has a turn on/turn off button. Besides using it as a projector, it can also be used as a flashlight. This can be the most perfect gift for them as they are surely going to love it.
The size of this toy is quite small and children can grab it easily while carrying it around. It is a perfect toy to enhance their optical observations. It also helps in developing their cognitive abilities and their thinking power. It also helps in developing the child's imagination. To change the image, try twisting the disc and you will see various images.