Portable folding fishing rod blxcknorway™

Portable Folding Fishing Rod. Check The Details To Know More

Distinctive Combos - Baitcasting Rod Kit, which includes a telescopic fishing rod and a fishing reel with a fishing line. Outstanding visual appeal, as well as portability and convenience.

Material & Dimensions - The reel is composed of high-strength ABS. Size: 3.15*2.76*2.36in/8*7*6cm/3.15*2.76*2.36in ABS plastic and glass fiber make up the rod. 1.31m/51.6in is the expanded length. 26.5cm/10.4in retractable length

Unique Extended Handle - Bring down the black belt underneath the handle to pull out the extended hand. Hooks, baits, and other tiny fishing gear can be inserted into the aperture. Pull the black belt down as well when you don't need it.

What Is The Best Way To Fold The Rod? One hand holds the handle, while the other presses down on the spring seat's attached column with the thumb. The dangling ring's elastic belt was then looped around it. It's quite easy to fold.

What Is The Best Way To Use The Line? The line will be free if one hand holds the handle and the index finger forces the trigger. The line can be drawn out with the help of another hand pulling the line in the reel. THIS TYPE OF VALUE CAN'T BE FOUND ANYWHERE ELSE.