2-in-1 Car Sun Visor Day & Night Vision

Facing Glare Issues Due to Bright Lights & Sunlight?? Use This Gadget To Have Safe Driving

Anti-Glare - Our automotive anti-glare visor shields your eyes from the glare caused by bright sunlight, and is especially useful in low winter sunlight when the existing sun visor is insufficient. While driving at night, this dims strong or high beam lights from cars or other sources aimed straight at you, and the solar panels may filter out 96 percent of dangerous rays, effectively safeguarding your eyes.

Eye Protection - The Anti-Dazzle Sunshade Mirror will safeguard your eyes day and night, blocking the sun during the day and resisting the evening distance light. It's perfect for folks who are prone to glare. The automobile visor reduces light pollution caused by eye disorders and protects visual health by filtering the armful of light.

Easy to Install - The anti-glare visor is simple to set up. It is not necessary to use any equipment; simply clip it to your overhead visor. Its location is simply adjustable. The visors may be rotated 180 degrees to put them in the most comfortable position for your needs.

Material - This automotive anti-glare visor is constructed of PP and TPR material, which is shockproof, has a compact structure, is thick, highly strong, safe, and durable, and provides maximum strength and durability for long-term use.

Universal Size - Our car anti-glare visor is universal in size, so it will fit in any vehicle. When not in use, the sun visor can be simply stored in the storage compartment. It takes up very little room when folded back into position.