Cute Deer LED Light Lamp for Kids Baby Nursery BLXCK NORWAY™

Giving your kids new toys and stuff is always the way to bring a wide smile to their faces. If you are searching for a gift for your little kids that can be fun and beneficial at the same time, then this Cute Deer LED Light Lamp for Kids Baby Nursery is the most ideal option for you. This is an elegant addition to your kid's room as it will enhance the overall appearance of the room. It is a very convenient and practical toy light that comes with high durability.


It has a very cute design that will attract your child’s interest. It looks like a cartoon deer and it is the perfect night light to keep in your children’s bedroom or playroom. It provides a bright light with a soothing glow that will not cause any disturbance to their sleep. It includes two light modes which give White Light & Soft Yellow Light. It also has a 360-degree rotation head and flexible swing limbs for hassle-free use.

It gives an exquisite look to your room when it is kept on bedside tables or desks. This elegant light will also help if your child has a fear of sleeping at night without any light. It can be easily recharged using a USB port with the help of a computer, laptop, power bank etc. It also has a 30-minute auto-off function which will turn off the light automatically after 30 minutes. After being fully charged, it can work up to more than 24 hours.
This cute Deer LED Light Lamp for Kids is absolutely safe for kids and does not have any sharp edges.  It emits soft light which does not cause any harm to your eyes. It is made from ABS+PC+silicone material of high quality and will give long-lasting performance. You can also gift this to your kids on their birthdays, Christmas or any other special occasion.