Flower Rose Teddy Bear Valentine's Christmas Gift BLXCK NORWAY™

Do you want to surprise the person that you love with a beautiful gift on this valentine’s day? Well, there are so many gifts to choose from, however that one gift that never fails to bring a smile to your face should be very special. If you are in search of one, then this Flower Rose Teddy Bear Valentine's Christmas Gift is your most perfect choice. This is one of the cutest and adorable teddy bears that no one can resist.
Teddy bears are considered as most lovable and special gifts as they are very fluffy, beautiful and soft. This soft toy is excellently handcrafted and is covered with soft artificial roses that are available in different colours. This is a highly durable teddy bear that will stay like new for a longer period of time. They will maintain their original shape and form with continuous and proper care.
This can be the most memorable and sweetest surprise that you can give to your love on valentine’s day. It is made up of high-quality materials and the flowers are sewed very tightly to avoid gaps or fall. You can now cuddle and hug this bear as much as you want without any worries as it will not lose its shapeeven after a longer period of time.
Made up of soft  3D latex roses, this teddy bear is completely safe for your skin and does not cause any kind of irritations or allergies. This fluffy toy is using complex handicraft techniques and is the best surprise to show your gesture of love and affection. You can choose from two different colours that suit your taste. It is also decorated with a satin bow to enhance the elegance of this teddy bear.