LED party light string christmas tree decor fairy lighting blxck norway™

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LED Party Light String Christmas Tree Decor Fairy Lighting. Check The Details To Know More

Multi-Mode Remote Control & APP Control - It may be operated using the multi-function remote control as well as the "Smart Life" APP (iOS and Android). There's no need to be concerned about the application shutting down unexpectedly.

There are also four brightness levels, 16 million color options, a music mode, a timer, and several color shifting patterns, including shuttle, running, chasing, following, streaming, trailing, fluttering, and rainbow.

Make Your Own Timetable - On the one hand, you may use the remote control to set "4H," "6H," and "8H," and the Christmas lights will turn on for 4/6/8 hours and turn off for 20/18/16 hours every day. The timetable and countdown, on the other hand, can be set using the APP.

As a result, the fairy string lights can switch on and off according to your schedule, and fade in and out at night and in the morning. Save money on your electricity cost and live a smarter life.

Smart Light String - The fairy string lights may vary according to the beat of the music, other sounds, and even your voice, thanks to the smart Christmas lights' built-in smart beat sensor.

The APP and the remote control each have four lighting effects: energy, rhythm, spectrum, and scrolling. It allows you to adjust the sensitivity and color of the device. This is the ideal fairy tale light for your bedroom, party, or holiday home decor.

Manual Control - This clever Christmas light has manual control. As a result, you may manage the color-changing fairy tale lamp hands-free by simply making a sound to turn it on/off, as well as remotely changing the light's brightness, color, color-changing mode, and music mode.

Ideal Christmas Lights Indoor & Outdoor Decoration - Christmas lights that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use - You may put the Christmas lights into the back of your laptop, TV, or mobile power supply for a simple USB installation. Copper wire, 10m/33ft, is easy to bend into any shape.

It's ideal for Christmas trees, gifts, stairwells, curtains, canopy, and beds, as well as hanging from the ceiling in a girl's room. The controllers strung on the wires are not waterproof, but the fairy lights with 100 LEDs are. Please keep it dry and away from water.

LED party light string christmas tree decor fairy lighting blxck norway™

LED party light string christmas tree decor fairy lighting blxck norway™